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Hardshell is a complete solutions provider with a product line that includes Personal Body Armour (Vests and Helmets), Hard Armor Plates, Bomb Blankets, De-Mining Suits and Armoured Vehicles etc. Hardshell is an ISO 9001 certified company and carries NIJ 0101.06 Certified Products.

We have inhouse waving facilities for ballistic fabrics and other aramids, nylons and poly-cottons. We offer premium Body armour, Hard Armor plates, Ballistic helmets, Ballistic protection products, and other tactical gears that are manufactured in our facilities worldwide. Hardshell is a trusted and reliable supplier of defence protective equipment for armed forces and police around the world, supported by an experienced staff of former defence industry and law enforcement professionals.

Body armour

Hard armor plates

Ballistic helmets

Tactical gears

Ballistic protection product