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At Hardshell, we provide superior quality, outcome-driven creative solutions to our customers across the globe in collaboration with the world’s leading Aerospace & Defence corporations.

We have carved a niche for ourselves within the industry by facilitating the finest aviation experience through premium quality offerings that adhere to high standards.


We have been delivering cutting-edge technology in aviation, helicopters, military aircraft, UAVs and Satellites while offering our services in the MRO and Aircraft coatings.

We provide Liquid Armour® coatings for your fleet that enable you to grab the advantages of advanced nanotechnology. The coatings provided offer outstanding durability, UV resistance, and unmatched exterior surface protection. At Hardshell, we understand the significance of innovation that results from comprehensive and constant Research and Development (R&D) activities. Therefore, with a strong focus on innovation, we have been robustly investing in the R&D area to expand our capabilities within the domain. At Hardshell, fulfilling the mission-critical needs of our customers in defence, performance and mission readiness has been a way of life right since our inception.


We also deliver seamless after-market consultancy services through a dedicated network of facilities that roll up the following:

  • Inventory optimization
  • Fleet management
  • Airframe maintenance
  • MRO engineering
  • Asset health monitoring
  • Repair engineering, and
  • Product documentation, etc