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Defence Supplies Categories


We at Hardshell produce and supply MRE Kits for the armed forces around the globe.

It is a job that involves different challenges, and we take on all of them with our proven experience and expertise. Protecting MRE Kits from any physical and chemical deterioration is a tough challenge in almost all transactions including storage, transport, and handling. Following are the top 3 considerations we are always particular about while taking on our MRE Kits:

  • Operational limitations on meals patterns
  • Operational limitations on weight as well as volume, and
  • Availability of materials

Keeping in view the above considerations, we develop Meals–Ready–to–Eat (MRE) Ration technology that contains shelf stable, preserved and flavoured retort pouch processed survival ration for the armed forces deployed in the most hostile environments on the planet


The 24-Hour Individual Ration Pack is a complete 'one-stop' ration supply that meets the needs of an active person for 24 hours while he or she is on the field. The 24-Hour Individual Ration Pack contains 3 primary meals, electrolyte drinks, high-energy snacks, dessert meals, and more.

MRE kit - 3000 Calories

Each ration kit in this category provides 3000 calories with the required nutrients and caloric value for the individuals involved in the intense activity for 24 hours

MRE kit - 5000 Calories

This kit provides 5000 calories to the individuals involved in the intense activity for 24 hours. It is specifically developed keeping in view the need for more calorie consumption by an individual



Our MREs are a comprehensive meal for emergencies


Our MREs are fully cooked, ready-to-eat meals, with no water or refrigeration required


Our MREs provide well-rounded nutrition


Our MREs offer a long shelf life under the right conditions


Our MREs can be customized as per the exact customer requirements

Lightweight and portable, our MREs offer a variety of flavours along with a valuable convenience during the crisis.
Customized MREs are available as per the exacting requirements of customers, concerning Hours, Options for Meals, and Calorific Values.