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Hardshell is uniquely positioned to innovate navies with advanced and high technology solutions based on their operational requirements. Hardshell delivers turnkey solutions to transform the capabilities of shipyards worldwide leveraging our global network of Strategic partnerships.

We help nations in managing and expanding their marine assets and capabilities through our strategic sourcing and large-scale acquisition programs. We facilitate our clients with the procurement of marine assets such as Multi-response vessels, Firefighting tugs, buoy tenders, and fast boats.

Hardshell works alongside leading shipbuilders ensuring that the technical features and engineering infrastructure of the vessel is in alignment with the purpose and structural vision of our clients including design specifications and performance standards.

We provide a comprehensive suite of aftermarket support services including ship repair, maintenance, and upgrade services for a versatile range of high-performance naval vessels and boats. We optimize the technical efficiency and ensure the sustainable upgradation of your sea assets using cutting-edge technologies.

We provide marine coating services to your assets with our advanced Liquid ArmourĀ® coating acting as an oxidation barrier, enhancing the performance of your vessel through effecting UV ray shielding and fouling release.



Marine coatings