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Hardshell was founded with the goal of saving the lives of those who protect us. We are committed to investing in ongoing research and development of new methods and next generation materials in order to increase the performance of our protection solutions.

Hard Shell's diverse research teams includes scientists, engineers and experienced ex-defence personnel who engage in the design and extensive testing of our protection solutions. You can count on our unwavering commitment to quality across a broad range of high performance protection solutions and services, for the defence & security of personnel & property.


Hardshell is a reliable global advisor with sound analytic and economic strategies, offering advisory services to customers at all levels of government activities around the world to improve policy formulation and regulation, as well as decision-making and management processes.

We deliver innovative, feasible, and credible analytic and economic solutions to commercial and defence clients all over the world. Our multidisciplinary teams explore sophistication, mitigate risk, and achieve maximum success on every commitment by providing a holistic, systematic approach.


Hardshell’s primary goal is to assist you in articulating roles, engaging partners, and ensuring that proper messages reach the appropriate audience at the opportune moment.

Our team assists organizations in honing their messaging in order to solidify their connections with their constituents and achieve their market objectives. To provide our clients with integrated marketing strategies, we rely on our expertise and awareness of best practices global marketplaces, and trends.


Our clients are involved in a variety of defence realms such as defence ministries, national security, and public-safety organizations to address their most pressing challenges.

We have experience in all primary channels and associated devices, including military aerospace, ground systems, marine systems, space-based technologies, sensors, and technologies etc, as a result of our work. We deliver tangible, agile strategies with long-term benefits that meet mission objectives while facilitating the transition necessary to cope, deter, and succeed in our dynamic environment.


The role of technology in mission success cannot be overstated. Our experts assist you in exploring, deploying, and handling technological advancements and implementations that meet your requirements at each phase. We provide detailed strategies that assist clients in embracing emerging technologies and approaches in order to achieve higher efficiency and enhanced profitability.

Hardshell transforms core capabilities by analysing, integrating, and leveraging new blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics process automation (RPA), and virtual reality to achieve major performance enhancements.


Hardshell focuses in delivering product sourcing and procurement services to healthcare departments all around the world. We identify high-value suppliers and products that follow your standards, regulations, and specifications at a competitive price for both labour-intensive and high-tech industries.

Hardshell works with healthcare group purchasing professionals across the world that can provide distribution network management by conducting best-in-class assessments, thorough and rigorous logistics audits, and improving overall efficiency.