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Hardshell develops innovative artificial intelligence-based capabilities that transform operations in the defence, healthcare, aviation, and intelligence sectors by increasing efficiency and quality. We facilitate in providing advanced Analytics and Machine Learning capabilities for states, industries, and defence agencies.

Hardshell utilizes disciplined procedures, shared technologies, reusable mechanisms, automation, teamwork, and domain expertise to build guidelines and techniques that support mission-critical programs. Our software transformation services transform obsolete and underperforming programs into robust, compliant, and dependable applications.

We provide solutions for all missions and capacities for all challenges. With extensive mission expertise, we facilitate you in modernizing and automating in all realms: water, land, air, space, and cyber.
We provide detailed information to assist in solutions related to marine, fisheries, forestry, and flooding for planning, prevention and response. By combining information for various sources onto a single dashboard, it allows end-users to tackle economic, environmental, and security related issues with ease.